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Why Coaching is the Wave of Today and the Future

By: Eileen Richardson

Coaching is a profession that is sweeping the business and personal lives of people around the globe. If you are only just hearing about it it could be because it is only about 10 years old.

There are theories that Coaching came out of human resource development in large organizations but also from psychotherapy termed “possibility counseling”. It is the wave of today and the future because it is a positive forward thinking perspective that counseling and therapy are not.

The focus is on overcoming obstacles and challenges and finding the solutions from within the client to go into the future.

The coach client relationship is very honoring. By that I mean the Coach respects the decisions and courses of action taken by the client because the Coach knows the client really has the best answer for himself. The Coach is not making judgments about the client, nor is she telling her what to do. She may offer suggestions if the client ok's her input. As a Coach her job is to "walk with them" and be there as another pair of ears and eyes finding the answers.

The techniques taught to coaches and used in their practice are effective tools in language,expressions, and other forms of communication.The skill of listening is very important for coaches and must be learned effectively to succeed as a Coach. Intuition is also a valued skill to have as a Coach and used continually.

It is the wave of today and the future because humanity is ready for a way of thinking and problem solving that is more empowering. Successes of today occur because of persons being empowered and taking charge of themselves.

Successes of today in work and in personal lives are about personal responsibility. This is very much a component in a coach/client relationship. The original agreement coaches are taught to bring straightforward with their client are expectations and personal responsibility.

Coaching is the wave of today and tomorrow because the coaching sessions truly is a win-win situation. The client obviously is getting the benefits of coaching, but the coach learns much from the interaction about his own life.

The person who has a coach is looked at as a "Go Getter" a positive thinking person who is taking charge. There is no stigma attached.This is different than the person who had a therapist. Even the slang term "shrink" for therapist is not a positive connotation.

Coaching is the wave of today and tomorrow because in this world where our family is scattered over many places we do not get a chance to speak with our relatives,family friends , mentors that were available in the past.

A Coach is very much like the mentors and family members who believed in you and helped you in your times of challenges.But today a Coach is trained in psychology and human communication and even more prepared to assist.

Coaching is also very convenient in that most sessions occur over the phone and are 1/2 or 1 hour in length. so the session can occur across different time zones and in different places of work or at home.

Because of a combination of things that occur in this modern world -lack of family support and proximity, a more empowered population, a success driven population, a high tech overworked population and other conditions Coaching has arrived and is thriving.

About The Author

Eileen has known for years her passion and purpose is to teach Life Balance to others. Now she is a certified Life Coach living in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

To find out more about coaching go to the International Coaching Federation website

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