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Seven Deadly Enemies That Stop You From Reaching Your Goals

By Yuliya Muravey

Everybody on this planet has enemies, rivals and foes. Call them any way you like, but nevertheless they exist, chasing you at every step you make. Nobody knows where they come from, but the fact of their existence was detected on the planet and still nobody knows completely the effective remedy from them. They spoil our lives; put the spokes in our wheel, making tricky endeavors to distract us. The biggest nuisance they cause is that they prevent us from reaching success in life. The only way out of this situation is to disclose them and to wipe them out once and for all.

You'll be surprised to know that those enemies live within you.

Our greatest enemies, whom we must chiefly combat live inside of us. So, what are those crafty enemies that hold us back from reaching our goals?

7 Deadly Enemies of Your Goals

Enemy #1
For 33 percents of people it is shortage of time. They claim that 24 hours are always not enough for everything they have planned. Time is of the essence, they say. And they try their best with 24 hours and manage their time vary carefully, but in any case they constantly feel the lack of time. Time is an illness causing fatigue.

Enemy #2
For 11 percents it is lack of motivation. These people feel that they don't achieve their goal, because they don't know exactly why they are aiming at it. As a result, they don't know how to persuade their mind to achieve that goal. More often these people are satisfied with small achievements.

Enemy #3
For other 33 percents of people it is lack of persistence. These people just go with the stream, because they lack decisiveness and perseverance. They can't get over the difficulties, they easily give up and refuse from their dreams.

Enemy #4
For 22 percents the major enemy is their uncertainty. They don't know what their goals are. These people just don't know what they want to get from this life. Their life is one big question-mark for them.

Enemy #5
For some people it is fear, because they afraid to fail and get frustrated. They get angry with themselves when they don't fulfill their goals.

Enemy #6
For other people it is laziness. These people just idle and don't want to make any effort to achieve their goals.

Enemy #7
Finally, for some people it is a lack of opportunity. Some people are deprived of the opportunity to exhibit their talents and gifts. Success is people-dependent factor. Often most of aspiring people are driven away form their dreams on account of opportunity factors.

A common enemy of ours is the surrounding: jealous and envy people who put obstacles on our way to success.

Now you know your enemies by their faces, so it will be easier for you to fight against them.

About the Author: Yuliya Muravey is a self-employed entrepreneur and co-owner of the She believes passionately in the enormous power of the goal setting and its impact on the short-term and long-term success in life. For more information, please go to:


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