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Coincidences - Life’s Magical Nudges

by Eileen Richardson

When a coincidence or two pop into our lives most of us take notice but do not put much time or effort into it and let it go.

But these coincidences are very important messages to us. They should be honored, paid attention to and "filed" in our minds as something to think about and be open to the message it brings.

I see coincidences as life's puzzle pieces or clues to answers we are looking for or actions to be taken. Unfortunately for those of us who are impatient and want the meaning "Now" the timing isn't always for immediate action or even the complete picture. There are other coincidences to come that fill out the picture and complete it. Remember only us humans are restricted by time.

I believe these coincidences are answers to our prayers wishes and desires. They are from who you might call God, your angels, guides, or pure creative energy. -depending on your outlook.

You can also create coincidences. I find when meeting new people I am very open to who they are and what they like to do. A lot of times I find there are such amazing coincidences between others and I .It has created friendships, opportunities, and future opportunities that I never would have discovered if I had not made the effort.

Another way of creating a coincidence is to listen to your intuition and follow thru. For example, if you get an intuitive message to turn down a street-do it. There is no telling what or who you will come upon following that lead.

Steps to using coincidences in your favor;

  1. Pay attention to coincidences that occur over and over
  2. Pay attention to coincidences that have noteworthy timing
  3. Ask yourself how this coincidence is significant.  What is the message? How does it fit in with the others etc.
  4. Talk about this coincidence with others. It may be something for them to learn from as well as you, or others may see a connection you don’t.
  5. Ask yourself what the next step would be or ask for guidance as to what the next step is.
  6. Remember there may not be a next step just the opportunity to notice and remember the coincidence for future use.
  7. Expect coincidences or these magical “nudges” to appear in your life everyday.

Have fun finding coincidences in your day and pay attention to this spiritual magical insight we all can use.

Eileen Richardson

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