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Become A More Organized Person - Time Management Is An Area Of High Self-Improvement Potential

By Terje Ellingsen

A general self-improvement plan should include how to get organized and how to improve your skills in managing your time. Here are some time management tips.

Accept the fact that we cannot rely too much on our memories.

The human mind is exposed to a hurricane of information every day. As a result the mind does a very nice filtering process and very little of what we see and hear is retained in our minds. So instead of depending on our very selective memory, an improvement would be to depend on a piece of paper instead.

Carry a tiny scribbling pad and a pen with you all the time.

The moment you fix an appointment or are asked to attend a meeting, improve yourself by jotting it down in the scribbling pad. Do not bother about others laughing at you. You will have the last laugh in the end.

A good improvement idea is to write it down assignments in a book.

Each time you tell somebody to do something or when somebody like your boss asks you to do something writing it down in a book along with the date and the time can provide significant improvement. Do not be afraid of being thought about as a person with a very poor memory. It won't be long before people start thinking of you as a highly organized person.

If you have an electronic pocket organizer be sure to use it.

Each time someone gives you his or her telephone number, immediately enter it into your pocket organizer, the name, number and any other vital information of this person.

Use the backside of business cards to help your memory.

Usually we get a lot of business cards as we go about our daily business of life. The business card of course contains the name of the person, his or her telephone number and probably the name of the firm for which the person works. But the problem is, the next time we meet the person, the face may seem familiar but we won't have the foggiest idea as to where we met the person. The best thing to do would be to jot down a few points about the person and probably the reason for meeting him or her and the place as well. This will certainly lessen the load on your memory centre. This will help you in becoming a more organized person and improve your relationships.

File away the business cards properly.

As soon as you get back to your office take care to file away the business cards you collected and organize them properly. Don't just stuff them into your card folder. Take care to read them properly and perhaps keep the cards of important clients separately. If you do not find much use for a person's card, file it an a box marked "unlikely needed" or simply toss it. This will make you a more organized person

Prepare a to-do list everyday.

I cannot over-emphasize the importance of to-do lists in getting yourself organized thus improving your time management. It is probably the most sensible thing a busy person could do.

Plan what you have to do well in advance.

For staying organized, it is a good idea to have daily, weekly and monthly plans for the activities of your business and yourself personally as well. This will improve your ability to manage your time.

Have a fixed timetable.

Although it may seem kind of mechanical, a fixed time for everything would make you more organized, especially if you stick steadfast to the time table. Believe me it really helps because in this way, you will have time for everything and everything can be done in the time allotted for it.

And so you are now moving towards becoming a more organized person.

About the Author: Terje Brooks Ellingsen is a writer and Sociologist who runs He writes about self help issues like personal growth, see and confidence development, see


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