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5 Steps to Success

What I have found out when trying to start or complete a project is that there are five simple steps. If you follow these steps you will always get the job done and usually do it right.

Step 1 - Develop a plan

If you are cleaning the garage or making that presentation of a life time you have to plan. Don't go over board. A simple outline of things that need to be done or presented. If you end up with more than five pages you are planning to much.

Step 2 - Start as soon as the plan is done

Start as soon as the plan is done. Even if you work five minutes the project is under way and that will drive you to keep up the momentum. If you don't start with it fresh in your mind there is the tendency to procrastinate.

Step 3 - When you hit a roadblock, take a break

All projects have times when you run out of gas. It can be anything from writers block to physical exhaustion. You got to take a break but don't just walk away. Keep the project in mind but stop trying to fix it. Let your subconscious do the work.

Step 4 - Make it FUN

Don't do any project unless you try and make it fun. Even the most dry projects can have some fun. Sometime the fun part can even improve the out come.

Step 5 - Set a time and finish the project

If you don't set a time to finish then the project can get to a point that it never seems done. If you are looking for perfection then you might not feel the project is ever complete. Set a time to finish and get the feedback from someone else on how complete the project is. In most cases you will find that you are done.

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